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You’re an up-and-coming solopreneur. Maybe you already have an amazing, loyal following! Whatever the case may be, we have just the template for you. Our design style ranges from minimalist and neutral to loud and vibrant. Browse our collection to pick your Goldilocks template and get one step closer to completing your dream website. Curious about how it works?





A creative studio whose mission is to provide creative solutions to entrepreneurs on a budget. We strive to offer quality & value based DIY Squarespace Templates and custom web + graphic design. We believe that anyone should be able to create their dream website without breaking the bank because it really shouldn’t be this hard.

We appreciate how difficult it can be to start a business which is why we make it a point to respond to your inquiries in a timely manner, talk to you like a friend, and help you with your template. Feel free to browse our resource and support page created just for you to help with your business and design needs.



about the designer

hi! i’m raychelle —

i started kvasir virtual to help fellow solopreneurs kick-start their online presence beyond social media. i enjoy working with business owners who are passionate about creating authentic experiences for their clients.

when i’m not designing, i like camping, yoga, and watching The Office reruns.

i would absolutely love to help you work on your dream website! browse our template collection to get started.