custom website design

A website without strategic design is a waste of money and valuable resources The goal is to get you, the busy small business owner, connected with your best, most loyal employee ever a.k.a your website. You want a website that not only looks beautiful but functions beautifully. You want a website that speaks to your audience. This is where I come in. Listen, your website is out there working its butt off for you 24/7 trying its best to attract new clients and leads. It’s time to give it the well-deserve makeover it needs to continue running successfully or running at all. A custom, strategically-designed websites for creative entrepreneurs using the Adobe CC and the Squarespace platform. As a busy entrepreneur, you are going to love using the Squarespace platform because it’s basically a one-stop shop for web design projects that is going to save you time and money.

The ability to input your own custom codes which will allow you to take your design to a whole different level.
Analytics integration to help your marketing team
Easy inclusion of SEO to attract your dream clients
Squarespace offers secure SSL, cloud based hosting working to maintain 99% uptime i.e. not having to worry about your site performance potentially losing clients

Most importantly, it is super easy to update and manage your website, which is really the end goal. You get a strategically design custom website from me that requires very little training to get started. To make it much easier, my custom website packages include a personalized training guide and up to 30 days of post-launch email support.